Blog Post 3/3 Digital Journalism

Overall i am happy with the outcome of the 3rd and last mission.

In terms of the positive throughout the project, Me and David work extremely well together as a team and we manage to split to workload evenly. we also manage to complete the video within the giving time we had

 In terms of negatives throughout the project, One big issue that cam apparent as we progressed in the mission was the lack of pre-production and post production meetings. we also only had two member in the group this gave us an disadvantage as the workload was much grater for the two of us. The limited time also played a role n the quality of our final product

In conclusion i believe we produced a great project using the tools and knowledge at our disposal.
In conclusion we as a team were happy with the project we made using the tools a knowledge we had to at at disposal .

Blog Post 1/3 Digital Journalism

Monday 25 of November
Time 2:00

i spent the day looking over all the possible topics for the last mission and  for possible teams

Time 4:00
I have successfully formed a group, The team consists of me and David.

Wednesday 27 November
Time 9:40
Today we had a group meeting to go over the possible missions and decide on one. we talked about each missions option individually as talked about how we could tackle them.
we decided to choose digital journalism because we found the suggested tasks and concept very interesting .

Time 2:00
We had another group meeting to discuss the tasks that needed to be carried out during the duration of the mission and to divide the workload.we decided to focus our project on Tupac Shakur

Blog Post 2/3 Digital Journalism

Thursday 28 November
Time 10:00
Today i spent my time researching and reviewing all the information i could find on our topic of Tupac Shahur , This included looking interesting facts downloading relative picture and organizing them
We used and online website call Kumu , this allowed us to make complex brain storm style diagrams of Tupac and his family tree.

Thursday 5 December
Time 5:00

After all the information was gathered  i the started to edit the video
the video was made with adobe premiere, i brought all the images into the timeline and arranged them to the begging of his life to the end we the recorded a series of voice memos for the important moments and events in his life, the voice memos were then brought and edited in adobe Audition, i added effects  and cut the audio to make it sound clearer for the voice over. These were then brought back to adobe Premiere and synced to the images

Friday 6 December
Time 2:00

Today me and David filmed a short clip for the midway point an…

Blog Post 3/3 Animated Gif Mission

Overall i am pretty happy with how the project turned out, making all the different gifs  wasn't too challenging and i believe that i learned many new skills that will aid me other future missions.
We work extremely well as a team and each member completed the workload for the giving deadline.

In terms of the positive throughout the project, We were extremely happy with how each gif turned out in the end, i believe that they accurately represented each of the types of gifs that were were trying to make.In general learning how to make and creating each gif was super insightful as i learned a new skill that i can use in future missions and projects.
The team and i work cohesively, we had many group meeting and always expressed our thoughts/concerns we had to one another. I believe this constituted greatly to the success of our team and the overall mission in general

 In terms of negatives throughout the project, One big issue that cam apparent as we progressed in the miss…

Blog Post 2/3 Animated Gif Mission

Friday 27 September
Time 1:30

Today we film the shots for our ''Simple 12 Frame Animation Gif '' . The process for this consisted of take 12 individual photos of our subject  spinning in motion. we done this multiple times and chose our best take. In terms of the editing process for this gif, i used Adobe Photoshop and used each of the 12 layers of the images as frames of the gif. i then combined all the layers and exported it as an animated gif.

Time 2: 15

The second gif we made was the ''Gif From A Video'' The process for this was us filming ourselves on a phone of us and saving it as a video. I then imported that video clip to adobe premiere and cut it to make it sorter then exported it as an animated gif.

Monday 30 September
Time 3:00

Today we focused on making the ''Perfectly-Looping Gif'' The process for this was a bit difficult as there was numerous  way we could make this gif, we decided take 25-30 individual pictures of our sub…

Blog Post 1/3 Animated Gif Mission

20 September- 15 October

Monday 23 September
Time 11:30

Today we formed a group for the the first mission , the group consists of me ,lougein and tochi.

Time 2:00

Me and the team came together to discuss the pick the first topic for mission one, after long discussions we all decided to choose  ''The Art of The Animated Gif''. we all thought that this would be the best mission to allow our creative freedom.

Time 6:15

Currently doing research or the gif mission, this consists of reading blogs watch YouTube video to help me better understand gifs and how they are made

Wednesday 25 September
Time 1:00

We just has our second team meeting, we talked about all the research we found and discussed potential ideas for each gif we had to create. we also shared the workload and gave each other roles in the project.

Thursday 26 September

While doing our research we discovered a very simple way to make gifs using our mobile phones. This method uses the apple ''shortcuts'…

Blog Post 3/3 Youtub(ing) Mission

Overall i am extremely happy on the outcome of this mission , i learned many interesting techniques during this project. beginning with the positives,  i believe that me, Matthew and Eamon worked fantastic as a group .we all had great ideas on the direction we wanted to go this project, we had numerous pro-production meetings before we started the video to fully understand each of the rules and split the work load. The idea of emulating a talk show was a very interesting path we ended up taking, it allowed us to fill the roles with the amount of people we had and the time span in with we had to do it.

In terms of the actual production it went smoothly many due to the many hours of research and pre-production meets we did prier. during the shoot we were constantly making small changes and were in constant communication. i was tasked with the edit of the video, i faced little to no challenges while editing this was mainly due to the knowing the direction the group wanted to g…